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Lightweight and compact

The Pocket Slider is one of the lightest motorized slider worldwide. With a total weight of only 2.4 kg, it is the perfect companion on any tracking tour. In less than a minute it can be dismantled into its individual parts to save space during transportation.

High quality through precision manufacturing

The precision carbon shafts are made with very small tolerances. In conjunction with the six ball-bearing wheels of the carriage precise camera movements are guaranteed. All parts are manufactured on modern CNC turning and milling devices.


Two different controllers are available here for operating the sliders: The PT controller for DC motors and PT PRO Controller for stepper multiphase motors.

The intuitive PT PRO controller enables time-lapse motions on the smartphone. The PT PRO controller is connected via Bluetooth with the smartphone. By means of a virtual joystick, three stepper motors can be controlled simultaneously. About the free app, Start and End position are defined and then the settings for time-lapse and video recordings can be set. The movement between the Start and End points can be reproduced exactly. Once the settings have been made, the connection can be disconnected again for Smartphone, the controller continues then to operate independently. This spares the mobile phone battery especially with long time-lapse photography


The program code of the controller and the app is OpenSource. OpenSource creates innovation. The OpenSource community has an immense manpower of developers, far more than any other proprietary software vendor. The app and the program code were developed by Christian Andersen. For all developers and those interested: you can find Christian here.