How do I make a Firmware Update ?

1. The update is done via USB, for that purpose, the controller with the right USB port of the controller (“PROG”) must be connected to the PC. Another power supply via DC jack is not necessary for this operation.

2. If the controller of Windows is not automatically recognized, the appropriate drivers are needed. These can be downloaded here .

3. The actual update is performed using the update tool. The latest version can be downloaded here.

4. The update tool requires an active Internet connection in order to download the firmware.

5. After selecting the controller and the firmware releases, the actual update can be performed by clicking on “Update”.

Occasionally, the Update Tool may display an error message regarding a missing Internet connection. In this case, the latest firmware must be downloaded manually. The latest version can be found here (v17) In the update tool, select “Update from file” and then select the previously downloaded firmware.